Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is getting close enough to the president and his family to prompt knees to quiver in the White House. Might this be a good time for Mr. Trump to resolve the threats to his administration by firing Mueller and issuing a flurry of pardons?

It would be helpful if public focus could be shifted elsewhere. Hmmm … how about a discussion of guns in the aftermath of slaughter in a Texas church? Nope. The president has already let that one go with a quick “This isn’t a guns situation” and a pro forma “thoughts and prayers.”

Maybe some saber rattling at North Korea. A whiff of possible nuclear war. Now we’re getting somewhere! Combine that with another Muslim ban, an attack on a Gold Star family, a call to the Justice Department to lock up Hillary Clinton, and we’re looking at a winner!

Line up the talk show goons and the Fox News toadies. Let the distraction begin!

Members of Congress would not react to Mueller’s dismissal by withdrawing the president’s power to fire the special counsel, would they?

Would they?

William Coogan