The Republican tax cut that just passed the House is projected to increase the deficit by $1.5 trillion over 10 years. There is debate on the claim that the economy will grow enough to make up for this shortfall, as the sponsors of this bill claim it will.

I would like everyone to ask our U.S. representatives and senators to tell us, their constituents, what spending they would vote to cut in order to make up for the budget shortfalls if these predictions do not come to pass. Will they vote to cut Social Security and Medicare or veterans benefits, or close more military bases or facilities, like the Naval Shipyard in Kittery? Or, will they simply pass the burden along to our children?

They seem willing to let the future generations bear this burden, judging by their willingness to eliminate the tax deduction for student loan debt. Will we also pass to our children infrastructure that has been neglected for another 10 years because we lack the funds to invest in it?

I think it only fair that our elected officials tell Mainers right up front how they propose to make up for this shortfall before the full Congress finalizes this gigantic windfall for those who need it least.

Please think of the long-term result of this cut. Even if this does mean about $1,000 a year in the average family’s pocket, is that worth the possibility that you may have to work years longer before you can afford to retire, or accept drastically reduced medical coverage when you finally do? Are you comfortable passing this debt off on our children and grandchildren?

Ask them: What will you cut?

Jim Atkinson