Politicians like Bernie Sanders like to talk about jobs going overseas, but they often don’t tell you why it happens. One of the main reasons America has lost jobs to other countries is that we have the highest corporate income tax rate – 35 percent – in the industrialized world. If a company can operate in another nation and get taxed far less, of course it will consider moving there. It’s common sense.

President Trump’s plan would cut America’s corporate rate to 20 percent, below the industrialized world’s average of 22.5 percent.

The president’s plan would also allow trillions of dollars sitting overseas to come home at a one-time low tax rate. The massive amount of money that would come back to America could be used for countless important things, such as badly needed infrastructure, shoring up Medicare or reducing the budget deficit.

While many politicians complain, our president takes action. Make no mistake about it: This is a pro-American tax plan that Congress must pass.

Larry Mayes