The recent excellent Maine Voices column by Stephen Ward (Nov. 7) made the case that the two Republicans in our congressional delegation favor the big banks over Maine citizens. Both are presently involved in an even bigger venture to funnel more income to super-rich corporations and millionaires.

Whatever blend of the House and Senate tax bill emerges, it is clear that it will violate the Republican mantra against deficit spending and will be a boon to the people earning millions. It embraces the discredited theory of trickle-down economics. We have searched in vain for the hard evidence that giving more money to corporations already awash in capital will result in money in our pockets. Arguments citing benefits for yacht salesmen not accepted.

Sen. Susan Collins recently took the side of Mainers when she opposed the Republican health care bill. We applaud her for that. She now needs to think about the hardworking people of Maine and refuse to vote for a tax plan that increases the deficit and rewards millionaires. It is not at all clear that there will be any benefits for middle-class Americans, despite Republican ads on TV.

After looking at the tax proposals, Angus King wrote on Facebook: “We’ve finally gotten a look at the tax reform proposal put forward by the Trump administration and congressional leadership – and I have to say, it looks disastrous.” It’s time for Susan Collins to listen to her colleague.

Tom Mikulka

Elders for Future Generations

Cape Elizabeth