I read, with interest, all commentaries relating to income taxes, as well all the letters and comments from your readers.

The Nov. 18 editorial page had the letters from Jim Atkinson and Olin Jenner relating to income tax, and the Maine Voices column of Roger Bowen spoke of the federal estate tax and exemption. I started doing federal income and estate taxes in the early 1960s, probably before any of the above writers ever thought about taxes.

Up into the 1970s, the Form 706 federal estate tax return showed an exemption of $60,000, compared to the present $5.5 million. Mainers in those years paid estate taxes that most people have long forgotten.

As to income taxes, Severin Beliveau, in his comment of several months ago, said that he didn’t need an income tax reduction. There are many more. And, that would include all of those in the Forbes 400.

Elmer Runyon

Parsonsfield and Cumberland Foreside