Who is our enemy? Surely it is not the framers of the Constitution who included the Second Amendment.

Two hundred and twenty-five years later, we have a standing military of over 1 million men and women, yet the local citizens can buy and own all types of military-style weaponry that is used daily to bring mayhem and death to our population. We have lost four brave members of our military in Africa recently, and for weeks it has been discussed, in Congress, and investigations initiated, but what happened after Las Vegas? Silence!

Who are our enemies? I blame the National Rifle Association and Congress for not trying to stop the carnage in our country years ago. The manufacturer of the bump stock, which makes guns automatic, should be sued by our government, and the owners of that company and the stores that sell them should be shut down. Will this happen? They still sell military-type weapons, 20-round magazines and silencers. Where does it stop?

While President Trump was in Asia, he announced that a mentally deranged person carried out the church killings in Texas and that the tragedy was not “a guns situation,” while a newscast mentioned that there was only one gun death in Japan in 2015.

Sixty years ago the NRA was all about teaching gun safety, but it is now about pushing guns, all kinds of military types. There must be a war on in this country, since over 30,000 people in the U.S. are shot and killed each year. It is a fact that largesse from the NRA and the gun lobby, given to our politicians, keeps the war on.

We don’t need protection from enemies around the world. We need protection at home now, not later.

Tom Stone