Re: “Land transfer to benefit USM in roundabout way” (Nov. 20):

How will the proposed roundabout at Deering Avenue, Brighton Avenue and Falmouth Street address the safety needs of pedestrians and bicyclists?

In your staff graphic of the roundabout, there is a concerning lack of crosswalks depicted. Additionally, the article mentions that there will be no traffic lights in the roundabout.

Many students cross this intersection on their way to and from King Middle School each day, and there is an almost constant flow of University of Southern Maine students and faculty. How will they know whether a vehicle in the roundabout is intending to exit into their path of crossing? What studies have been done regarding pedestrian safety in other urban areas of mixed use?

The Minnesota Department of Transportation has released a study pertaining to this issue (“Safety and Risk in Modern Urban Roundabouts“). Its conclusion is that a roundabout is not ideal for communities wishing to foster walkability and pedestrian safety. Bicyclists don’t fare much better. Come on, Portland, we can do better.

Janet Fischer