It’s disgraceful that a county sheriff (Wayne Gallant) has been accused of sexual misconduct and the LePage administration has no comment on this issue – yet the governor recently wanted to fire any sheriff who didn’t follow in lockstep with his Trumpist commands to illegally cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials in rounding up immigrants with legal histories as innocuous as traffic violations.

This governor’s priorities have always been skewed to punishing the less fortunate under the guise of the state’s supposedly insufficient bankbook or his own broken moral compass.

Years of “welfare reform” – i.e., shrinking Medicaid to an unmanageable level – have eliminated basic help to needy and sick (addicted) Mainers from health care providers and social service organizations, yet already thriving and wealthy businesses have profited like never before.

I hail the day when this governor’s term ends, and the likes of 2018 Republican candidate Mary Mayhew are defeated so as not to continue this nightmare, and we return to a level of civility and willingness to help people instead of diminishing them.

Gerry Dunn