At the exact moment when the magazine MWM tumbled out of my newspaper last Sunday, I was listening to National Public Radio’s “Weekend Edition Sunday.” Linda Wertheimer was interviewing Lynn Povich, a journalist who sued Newsweek for gender discrimination in 1970 – and won.

The interview was about the #MeToo movement and the current hot-button issue of sexual harassment. I looked at the cover of the magazine, wondered what “MWM” stood for and then saw Maine Women Magazine. Instantly, I thought: “Hmm, women-owned Maine companies? Entrepreneurs? Inspirational stories about glass-ceiling breakers? Networking possibilities?” Then my eyes went lower and saw “The Style Issue.” The feeling was crushing.

Did the editors of this women’s magazine ever think that they could highlight some other angle than shopping, clothing, makeup and “style”? I think you could have tried, uh, women-owned Maine companies/entrepreneurs/inspirational stories as the cover draws.

I’m sure there might be some valuable information in this magazine, but honestly, I just might not open it before it gets recycled.

Susan A. Bloomfield

West Kennebunk