Eliot Cutler’s Nov. 26 commentary, arguing that reform of the University of Maine System will solve Maine’s economic problems, is way too narrowly focused.

Keeping young people with graduate degrees in Maine is another problem. One Portland man I chatted with said all five of his children, all of whom have or are getting college degrees, have left or plan to leave Maine upon graduation. My daughter, who went to Bowdoin years ago and has her law degree, now lives in Bethesda, Maryland. My grandson, who lived with me for several months after college while looking for a job, now lives and works in Boston.

I don’t know the reasons the Portland man’s children are leaving Maine. My daughter left for job opportunities, an urban environment and ethnic diversity. My grandson left for a job opportunity, an urban environment and public transportation. He cannot drive because of a medical condition.

So, I ask: What percentage of graduates of Maine graduate programs stay in Maine? What percentage of Maine college graduates stay in Maine?

Also, Mr. Cutler never mentioned the proposed tax on tuition waivers. (See the letter to the editor by doctoral student Derek Brown, published in the same edition of the Telegram.) If that proposal is enacted, that will certainly reduce the number of people able to get graduate degrees.

Anne S. Richmond

Cape Elizabeth