The Nov. 19 Maine Sunday Telegram article regarding ocean acidification draws attention to the quiet disaster that accompanies rapid warming in the Gulf of Maine.

The excess carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere interacts chemically with other ocean components and prevents the formation of calcium carbonate needed for mollusks and other species to build strong shells. Lobsters, Maine’s signature seafood, are especially susceptible to negative effects.

Chellie Pingree, U.S. representative for Maine’s 1st District, is one of several representatives backing a bill addressing the problem. Pingree introduced the bill, HR 2719, on May 25; 2nd District U.S. Rep. Bruce Poliquin joined this effort as a co-sponsor Nov. 21.

The 2nd District encompasses many miles of oceanfront, and it will surely benefit his constituents to find a way to address yet another negative consequence of the use of fossil fuels. I appreciate that Rep. Poliquin has considered the consequences of the loss of this incredibly important resource and is supporting preventive efforts.

Karen Tolstrup


Editor’s note: This letter was changed at 11:28 a.m. on Dec. 4, 2017, to reflect Rep. Bruce Poliquin’s recent decision to sign on to HR 2719.