BRUNSWICK — The Planning Board unanimously approved a revised sketch plan to construct a smaller, 7,000-square-foot single-story addition at Mid Coast Geriatrics on Baribeau Drive.

Will Conway of Sebago Technics went before the board Dec. 5 with the proposal, which will allow double-occupancy rooms to be converted to single occupancy. No new beds are proposed with the addition. 

The original plan was approved in June, and asked for an 8,975-square-foot addition, which would have converted 16 double-occupancy rooms to 21 single-occupancy. 

Conway said the revised plan is similar to the one originally proposed, but the new plan proposes one addition near the rear of the building, where the old one proposed adding on to the front and rear of the facility.

Conway said since the original proposal, Mid Coast Geriatrics retained Langford & Low Contractors, which determined the original plan exceeded the client’s construction budget. 

Sebago Technics will also be providing stormwater retention and treatment plans, which were requested by the board in June due to Mare Brook’s close proximity to the building.

Conway said he believes the revision and consolidation is not only more cost-efficient, but better for the environment.

“(This) is an environmentally more friendly proposal than what was before you previously,” Conway said.

He added that the revision will help hospital staff care for patients, because a new corridor will allow nurses to have more visibility of the floor from their stations.

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Anna Breinich, left, Brunswick planning and development director, and Planner Jared Woolston listen to Will Conway of Sebago Technics present a revised sketch plan for an addition to Mid Coast Geriatrics on Dec. 5.