It is sad that the Democrats promote over-regulation and overtaxation of domestic corporations, asserting that they are greedy, grasping and unresponsive entities that must be regulated. Of course, most of these elected officials have never met a payroll.

President Barack Obama promoted open borders here but wanted American corporations to compete worldwide under different rules, making them less competitive. Our government subjects them to double taxation if they repatriate their profits. No wonder so many reincorporate overseas.

In addition, U.S. corporations are subject to the capricious and arbitrary edicts promulgated by the various government agencies, which are staffed by unrealistic and zealous employees who demand a gazillion broad and unrealistic regulations, claiming little cost and miraculous benefits.

President Trump has been on a crusade to level the playing field, repealing Obama-era edicts that Congress would never have passed.

This effort, and the lowering of the corporate tax rate under the new tax bill, will level the playing field, encouraging the repatriation of substantial overseas profits, which will be reinvested in the USA.

“Let’s make America great again.”

Nick Pappas

Cape Elizabeth