In recent years I have written letters published here strongly criticizing Sen. Susan Collins for posturing as a moderate. In virtually every case involving protect-the-rich, conservative Republican values, she would side with the rich. And every time, this came after she transparently postured as struggling mightily to determine the right thing to do for the people of Maine.

Then in recent months she seemed to change, to be willing to stand up to her party’s leadership when it was bent upon serving only its wealthy masters. I began calling her office to praise her.

However, now the praise goes to columnist Bill Nemitz (“It’s not too late for Sen. Collins to do right by Mainers,” Dec. 3) for exposing the posturing and self-congratulating performed by Sen. Collins as she caved on a tax bill that will serve, as usual with Republicans, the wealthiest among us.

As Nemitz points out, the senator still has a chance to take a principled stand when the Senate bill is reconciled with that of the House. I regard chances of this as zero, but I suppose stranger things have happened.

Bob Schaible