NEW YORK — Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson gets asked to do the Heisman Trophy pose a lot.

No matter where he goes, even in bustling and crowded Times Square, he often gets recognized. No sooner was Jackson done talking about the fame that came from winning the Heisman last season did a couple of young fans stop him in a Manhattan hotel to get a selfie

Jackson leaned in with a smile.

Just like last year, Jackson is a Heisman Trophy finalist. Unlike last year, Jackson is not expected to win. Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield is the favorite to take home the trophy Saturday night. On Friday, Jackson, Mayfield and Stanford running back Bryce Love arrived on the end of a busy week of bouncing around the country.

The three finalists met with reporters, posed with the big bronze statue they each hope to win, then headed toward the subway for a trip to Wall Street.

The Heisman experience and first trip to New York blew away Jackson last year. Winning the trophy changed his life. Now he’s just enjoying the ride.

“This year I’ve been here before so it’s kind of like chill,” Jackson said.

Archie Griffin of Ohio State is the only player to win the Heisman Trophy twice – in 1974 and ’75. Since then eight winners have returned to try to win it again, six since 2005. The best any returning Heisman winner placed was second: Oklahoma running back Billy Sims was the runner-up to Charles White of Southern California in 1979.

“It wasn’t tough for me because I was surprised I won it the first time,” Sims said.

Jackson probably won’t join Griffin’s exclusive club, but his numbers suggest he’s been better this season than last. He’s averaging 411 yards per game, up from 393. He’s been a more accurate passer, completing 60.4 percent after 56.2 last season.

The difference? Last season Jackson and the Cardinals had a signature win over Florida State and lost a thriller at Clemson. Not until a late November swoon did Louisville fall out of the playoff race. This season the Cardinals lost three games by midseason. Jackson was playing well but many just saw the final results and held it against him.

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