A budget is a moral document.

The recent Senate tax bill vote clears the way for major tax cuts for the wealthy, loss of health care for millions, a $100 billion increase for the military and eventual tax increases for those at the lower-income levels. What is moral about that? How will it benefit the people? The nation?

When the national debt is increased by $1.5 trillion, even interest payments will be a punitive budget item.

These ideas and plans come from the few, not the many. They show no vision and no morality. Is Bob Corker the single Senate Republican who cares more about national well-being than about a Republican “win”?

If there is any remnant of national pride, it doesn’t lie in destroyers, fighter planes or endless wars with no resolution that is good for humans.

I credit the “no” votes of Rep. Chellie Pingree and Sen. Angus King.

No benefit across the United States can come from the distorted budget package on the table. The expenditures will require cutting into the heart of programs that improve the overall economy for millions of people in America.

Grace Braley


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