The Republican tax cut plan aims to enrich corporations and super-wealthy Americans. There is no evidence that trickle-down economics works to boost lower-class or middle-class earnings.

It did not work in 1981, with Ronald Reagan, or in 2001, with George W. Bush, or in 2012, with Sam Brownback (governor of Kansas). Middle-class wages did not increase in any of these situations.

The Republicans want to take away dozens of middle-class tax cuts – especially for Mainers (the state income tax deduction would be eliminated) – in order to lower rates on the richest of Americans.

In addition to being an economic disaster, it is also a moral disaster. Please note that the nine religious leaders (including several ministers and a rabbi) arrested last week at Sen. Susan Collins’ Portland office were protesting her “yes” vote on the tax plan on moral grounds. Not only does it call for a huge giveaway to the rich, the tax plan also calls for a repeal of the Affordable Health Care Act’s individual mandate. That would mean that only older, sicker Americans will apply, and younger, healthier Americans are free to opt out. This would drive up premiums.

The real question on health care or on tax policy is: Are we one United States of America, or are we all out to pay as little taxes as possible, consequences be damned? The chasm between rich and poor keeps getting bigger, and this is no way to close this gap – it will only widen it.

Thomas McInerney, M.D.

Cape Elizabeth