I was disappointed to learn that our senior senator, Susan Collins, cast a key vote in favor of a tax plan that gives massive tax cuts to the wealthy and large corporations, paid for on the backs of small-business owners and the middle class.

Sen. Collins claims to be a champion of small businesses, yet she voted for a misguided bill that not only does nothing for small businesses, but also will result in an increase to individual health insurance premiums of 10 percent, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

Health insurance premiums are already a huge cost to me as a small-business owner; now, it will get even bigger. Voting for a tax bill that raises premiums and leaves more people without health insurance is a disappointing reversal of Sen. Collins’ previously principled stance and one that will hurt my bottom line. To do it to support a sweetheart giveaway to corporations while doing little for small businesses or the middle class is repugnant.

I’m not the only small-business owner who feels this way. Polling by Businesses for Responsible Tax Reform found that 51 percent of small-business owners oppose repealing the mandate requiring individuals buy health insurance in order to fund the tax bill.

I hope Sen. Collins reconsiders her support as the House and Senate work to reconcile the differences. We need a fiscally responsible tax plan that puts small businesses and the middle class at its heart instead of big corporations and special interests.

Gary McGrane

president, G.T. McGrane Builders