Another year has come and gone, or should I say “another tick season”? Well, not really.

You see, in the last few weeks we have pulled at least four deer ticks off my husband, and the snow has already fallen once. Living on doxycycline is not a natural thing, although it is becoming more the norm these days. As I see it, the epidemic of Lyme disease and overpopulation of ticks is not getting better, but getting worse.

I know that I am not alone, as we hear every day of people pulling ticks off themselves. Some are dealing with more serious issues, like Lyme carditis, which can land them in an intensive care unit.

This is like a plague, although it is a vector-borne illness. We see no decrease in the tick population: On the contrary … it is exploding! Again, we know that the principle of cause and effect most likely lies at the root of this monster problem we are facing as we see a planet in distress and wonder about solutions.

We are sadly reaping what we have sown by not being good stewards of this planet. Because of greenhouse gases, etc., we see the scale has tipped to the point of catastrophe. I pray, as a survivor of Lyme and one who carries battle scars from this wicked illness, that we can come up quickly with solutions that preserve our Earth and our very lives!

We need action on climate change at all levels of our society. At the federal level, the Clean Power Plan is under threat of total repeal by the Trump administration. I thank Sens. Susan Collins and Angus King for sticking up for the Clean Power Plan and urge them to continue defending it in Washington.

Cheryl Farley