I hope there are more millionaires and Fortune 500 companies in Maine than I am aware of, at least for Sen. Susan Collins’ election future. I think she has made it clear that this is her constituency, rather than us rank-and-file Mainers. She has managed to abandon all of us in the middle class, whose tax cut is temporary and whose taxes will inevitably go up to help support the mammoth corporate tax cut that is going to be permanent.

Not to say anything of the increasing federal deficit, caused by this foolish attempt by the Republicans to appease their corporate and fat cat masters and the fallacious argument that this will create jobs. We’ve been here before (think Reagan and Bush tax cuts).

Seniors, a major part of Maine’s population (I mention this just in case the senator has forgotten this fact), will see their Medicare and Social Security threatened in the future to pay for this tax cut. The poor, who will be denied affordable and accessible health care, are the other losers in this tax bill. For whatever reason, Sen. Collins has hitched her horse to the wrong wagon. Not only has she abandoned us, but she is also turning her back on America, with her support of unqualified judicial appointments and her apparent jump on the Trump bandwagon.

What’s next on the senator’s agenda: drilling for oil in the Gulf of Maine, or perhaps coal mining in Baxter State Park? I believe it is not too late for the senator to work for us, and if she continues on this path, her actions will be remembered by Maine voters, of all political stripes, come the next election.

Regretfully, all I can say at this point is shame on Sen. Collins.

Harvey Rosenfeld

Cape Elizabeth