Consider comments on the Portland Press Herald’s Dec. 15 Opinion pages supporting Sen. Susan Collins’ backing (so far) of the tax “reform” bill pending in Congress.

In his commentary (Page A9), Dana Connors, president of the Maine State Chamber of Commerce, states that tax reform “will result in increased investment and added jobs,” among other supposed benefits for Maine.

In a letter on Page A8, Lisa Martin, executive director of the Manufacturers Association of Maine, reported that a survey of its members in November found that “26 percent … would invest more in equipment and research, and 21 percent would be looking at raises for employees.”

There was no word about jobs from the survey Ms. Martin cited, and the percentage of members who might invest more or would “look” at employee raises seems pretty low to me from a tax bill that promises so much for small businesses and will add $1 trillion to the nation’s deficit.

Please get real about who the real beneficiaries of the Republican tax bill will be. Most of them are not from Maine.

Richard Mersereau