The press has called Sen. Susan Collins a nice person but “gullible” for voting “yes” on the Republican tax cut for billionaires.

How embarrassing is that for Maine? The state that elected Sen. Margaret Chase Smith has a senator called “gullible.”

Sen. Collins voted “yes” because Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan assured her she’d get a bill passed to support health care and the Affordable Care Act after the tax bill passes. Naive.

I believe a majority of Mainers were pretty clear that they did not want her to vote for the plan, yet she merrily went along with the Republican Party. Is she starstruck? Too many interviews and pictures in papers and on news channels? Has she lost her courage and convictions for protecting all Mainers?

Please remember this when she comes up for re-election. There are better candidates who will represent all Mainers, not just the richest.

Pamela Smith

North Yarmouth