Name-calling is the last refuge of scoundrels. In response to criticism of Sen. Susan Collins’ vote on the Republican tax plan, she called her critics “sexist.”

No, Sen. Collins, it is not sexism. It is the voice of truth entering her unwilling ears. She betrayed Maine and the American people by supporting welfare for the wealthy at the expense of the poor, sick and disadvantaged. She imbibed the Donald Trump Kool-Aid and sold us out.

Now, her “iron-clad” assurances from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have been retracted. The Affordable Care Act has begun its death spiral. Social Security and Medicare are in danger. And Sen. Collins is left with her reputation in tatters.

Moderate Republican? Heir to the mantle of Margaret Chase Smith? I don’t think so. Maine deserved better from our senior senator. What was she thinking?

Len Freeman