Susan Collins said Monday, on the Senate floor, that “tax relief and reform will lift our economy, leading to higher wages for workers and more revenue for government.”

Really? If she had said, “It is a fundamental Republican belief to be pro tax cuts,” I would think her party is fundamentally wrong, but I would not question her intellectual honesty. If Collins had said, “As a Republican, I owed this win to my president and my party,” I would have cursed her reasoning, but praised her for her honesty. But I expected more from Collins than to repeat the Republican spin and disinformation.

Collins shouldn’t dare, six months or one year from now, to decry the debt. If she decides to criticize the cuts in our safety net that surely will come, she shouldn’t expect accolades.

Collins had her time, this week, to stand up for her constituents. And, unfortunately, she chose politics over her constituents.

Jeffrey Lovit