The tax bill has passed. It is hard to imagine that not one Democratic member of Congress voted to help constituents ease their tax burden. Not one! This is the epitome of pride, grasping for power and childish squabbling on the part of these members of the House and Senate.

Thankfully, here in Maine, Sen. Susan Collins finally came on board, while, sadly, Sen. Angus King proved once again that he is self-absorbed to his core and exhibited no regard for the welfare of the people he represents in Maine. A look at his record as governor clearly establishes this fact.

In 2017, the stock market has soared and more people are working than in the past eight years, when jobs reports, per the Obama administration, plunged regularly. The financial outlook for business is growing daily, with corporations hiring again and even returning to America. As a result of this bill, they will now explode – to the good.

The so-called Islamic State – also known as ISIS – is defeated in Syria and Iraq. Law and order have been established at our southern border. We have an outstanding new jurist, Neil Gorsuch, on the Supreme Court. Veterans’ issues have been addressed and are being improved significantly. The issue of Russian collusion as regards Donald Trump has become an illusion and is yet to be proven by those who cannot grasp that Mr. Trump is the president.

And now, we finally are going to see a tax reform plan that will benefit the majority of Americans but with no support from the Democrats! Do you suppose that when they receive their tax refunds, they will donate their check to their favorite charity or some worthwhile organization or give it to a needy student or a struggling neighbor? Nah, I doubt it.

Happy News Year,

Elizabeth Printy