I’m writing in response to Susan A. Bloomfield’s Dec. 3 letter about Maine Women Magazine.

I understand her frustration about our tendency to stereotype women and limit their interests to “shopping, clothing, makeup and ‘style.’ ” But I think Ms. Bloomfield would be pleasantly surprised if she did open the pages of the magazine’s Style Issue (Issue 8). I think she would find exactly what she was looking for:

n “Women-owned Maine companies”? Yes! Check out the article “Female Not Factory” on Page 22, about the Maine-based, women-owned online shop featuring handmade goods by women artisans, half of whom are from Maine. Or “Handmade for Kids” on Page 14, or on Page 63, or …

n “Entrepreneurs” and “glass-ceiling breakers”? Yes! Check out “Fierce and Modest” on Page 29 about Sahro Hassan, who is a Somali immigrant from Lewiston. She is an entrepreneur and glass-ceiling breaker when it comes to style and “mainstream fashion,” with her “Muslim-inclusive and pattern-centric fashion line.”

n “Inspirational stories”? Ditto.

n Style and fashion for real women? (OK, this wasn’t on Ms. Bloomfield’s list, but it’s something I look for.) Yes! Right on the cover of the magazine. Two beautiful models who look like real women wearing clothes they found at Goodwill. My kind of style!

Thank you, Maine Women Magazine, for surprising us with a fresh look at what interests women.

Sharon Ross