Several religious leaders were recently arrested at Sen. Susan Collins’ Portland office, while protesting her support of the tax changes. They objected to steep tax cuts for businesses and more modest cuts for families and individuals.

Voters need to consider a few facts, not opinions.

First, how many of those objecting read the tax legislation?

Second, 45 percent of the population do not pay any federal income tax.

Third, if Sen. Collins has an obligation to consider the welfare of lower-income citizens in setting tax rates, does she not have an equal obligation to also consider the welfare of higher-income citizens?

Fourth, corporate and upper-income citizens create jobs, pay wages and benefits to employees and support charitable causes. Lower-income peole are unable to do this.

Fifth, higher-income people are always taxed at a higher rate than those at the lower income levels. This has become accepted, although if everyone were treated equally, we would all be taxed at the same rate (“equal treatment under the law”).

To maintain the safety of our nation, and our way of life, there is a requirement of money. Our 535 people in Congress determine where these funds come from. We must protect our freedom.

Thomas Shields