‘Tis the season for holiday classics!

We find ourselves in an alternate universe, an ugly remake of an American classic, “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

Bedford Falls (America), once a welcoming land of open-hearted citizenry working together for a better tomorrow, has morphed into Pottersville (Trumpville), a hateful, racist, xenophobic, misogynistic and divisive place where every man (and I do mean “man” – women, stay in your place for a few more millenniums) is out for himself and no low is too low, where facts matter not and where moral integrity is a quaint notion doomed to oblivion by narcissism, greed, hypocrisy, fear and endless lies.

Mr. Martini (Mr. Martinez) has been deported, his Dreamer children left behind with their lives and futures in the balance; Mr. Gower is addicted to opioids, with no Medicare or health insurance to aid him, and the never-to-be-born George Bailey has left a void filled by a puppet secretary to the mad king, who justifies daily said king’s assault on truth, justice, the free press, the environment, civil rights and the planet.

Clarence, are you out there?

Hee haw! And Happy Holidays!

Lisa Stathoplos