“Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends with leave footprints in your heart.” This quote rings in my mind as I open my address book and begin to write Christmas cards to family and friends. My address book tells the story of my life with each entry. Peoples names have been added, sadly others have died or I have lost contact with some over the years. I reminisce, smile and grieve about the times we spent in love, joy, and sorrow.

A dear friend tells me I love everyone. Yes, I love my address books and have saved them all. I even have my mother’s address books. I feel a strong connection to the past when I glance through their pages. I also save my calendars but that’s another story.

Christmas will come again this year. Along with writing Christmas cards, there will be the decorations and the holiday gatherings. It will be a time to celebrate with our family and friends, and to find a quiet time to reflect on the changes and challenges since last Christmas in our lives and in our world. Make this Christmas a time to share your unconditional love and the priceless present of your presence with those who are still in your life and in your address books – and leave your footprints in their heart. A Blessed Christmas to all.

Mary Louise Liucci-Smith