Re: “Cardinal Bernard Law, central figure in clergy abuse scandal, dies at 86” (Dec. 20):

The once powerful, but forever disgraced, Cardinal Bernard Law has died, but the legacy of how he protected hundreds of pedophile priests, who abused thousands of children, will live on forever.

Although Thomas O’Connor, Boston College historian, said at the time of Law’s resignation and flight to Rome in 2002, “There’s going to be a lot of good interred with his bones,” the more likely epitaph will be that provided by Kevin Cullen of The Boston Globe: “Bernie Law … one of the greatest enablers of sexual abuse in the history of the world.”

Despite his well documented legacy, thanks to The Boston Globe’s Spotlight team, this disgraced Law enjoyed all the pageantry of a full cardinal’s funeral at the Vatican’s St. Peter’s Basilica and a “final commendation” (blessing) by Pope Francis.

This continuing scandal to the very grave reminds me of what the 9th-century Irish monk scholar Sedulius Scotus wrote to his fellow Irish pilgrims after his visit to the eternal city: “Who to Rome goes, much labor, little profit knows; for God, on earth though long you’ve sought him, you’ll miss at Rome, unless you’ve brought him.”

Robert F. Lyons