A Sanford fire truck sustained an estimated $30,000 in damage when a driver rear-ended the engine at an accident scene Wednesday morning.

An ambulance and Springvale Engine 3 had just pulled up at an accident scene at 103 Pleasant St. around 8:15 a.m. when the fire truck was hit from behind, said fire Chief Steve Benotti. No one was injured, but the amount of damage to the fire engine forced Benotti to pull it from service until repairs are made.

Benotti said a combination of slick roads and sun glare likely contributed to the crash. The windshield of the car that rear-ended the truck had not been completely cleared of frost, he said.

Benotti didn’t know if the driver was cited and a call to Sanford police was not immediately returned Wednesday.

The ambulance and fire engine were responding to a crash involving three cars that occurred when one stopped to take a left-hand turn and was hit from behind. Benotti said the fire engine was parked behind the accident scene to protect personnel and set up a safe work zone.

“I’d much rather have a truck get hit any day than personnel,” he said.

The fire department will use its spare fire engine until Engine 3 is repaired.

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