Re: “As developers raze buildings to make room for bigger ones, some on Munjoy Hill seek pause” (Nov. 15):

The tone of your article suggests that the owners of 24 St. Lawrence St., Walter and Kelly Williams, are part of a large development company. This is far from the truth. I met the Williamses years ago. Not only did they call Portland their home as children, they raised their daughter in that home, and plan on staying there through retirement.

They are not developers pushing out the locals – they are the locals. As they look toward their retirement, it’s clear to them that they will not be able to stay in their home without addressing the unsafe living conditions based on the age of the building. They have looked into costly renovations. It’s evident that this proposed project is their only financially feasible option if they want to keep 24 St. Lawrence St. as their home.

The Williamses have worked diligently to follow all the current guidelines. They have listened to their neighbors’ concerns and, as a result, have made compromises to their plans. They have spent a great deal of valuable time and money to make sure that they were following the rules and doing everything by the book. It would have been a huge injustice to have pulled this project out from under our fellow Portland residents, jeopardizing their desire to stay in their home.

If this project is approved, not only will they be able to remain Portland residents, they will be creating three additional homes in a city that is desperate for more housing. The City Council has decided that a moratorium is needed, and it is only fair and proper that the council is applying it to future proposals – not to plans by unsuspecting citizens who, at their costly expense, have already put in time and effort following the current rules.

Alan B. Peoples