You’ve published an article describing the current zoning challenges that the Horse Island Camp on Peaks Island is facing (Oct. 22). The deeper story, which, unfortunately, the article did not address, is less about newcomers and old-timers than it is about environmental protection versus unregulated land use.

My initial inquiry about the permitting of a newly built barn on city-designated wetlands adjacent to my property occurred two years ago. That inquiry eventually led to the discovery by the city of the unpermitted buildings owned by the horse camp, and their decision to issue these (unrelated) citations.

I believe strongly in the work of the Horse Island Camp. I also believe we have the resources and creativity within the community on Peaks Island to help develop a safe and environmentally sound solution to ensure the future of this work. I have offered numerous times, both privately and publicly, to help raise funds for or otherwise assist in this effort. I wish the reporter had included this information, and I welcome the offer of mediation by the state or any other body.

I hope that the camp’s owner, Jeanann Alves, can work with the city and apply for a permit, allowing us all to move forward and develop such a solution.

Timmi Sellers

Peaks Island