I want to remind everyone, especially those with woodstoves, to be sure to have at least two carbon monoxide detectors in their home. One should be placed in the vicinity of the woodstove, but not too close. The second unit is very important, and it should be located in the bedroom.

Also, for those with conventional and propane heaters, be careful when it gets too cold and your instinct is to keep turning up that thermostat. Please bear in mind that your furnace will be working overtime. So keep an eye on it. If your gauges start to rise dangerously high, it’s time to turn that thermostat down. In cold weather, most heating systems cannot keep up with these below-zero temperatures.

Also, during this severe chill, it is a good idea to open cabinet doors in kitchen and bath areas to expose plumbing and stop freezing.

These are all common-sense recommendations, but we all know that most fires start when we push our heating systems to the limit. So please be very careful.

Lastly, also double-check fire detectors by testing them and looking them over to be sure the backup battery is functioning OK.

Have a safe and happy New Year.

Frank Slason


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