I don’t get why Sen. Susan Collins thinks (per her Dec. 27 commentary) that most of us Mainers only need a few tax-cut crumbs to pay for our snowmobiling, basketball tourney and unexpected car repair expenses while she gave huge tax cuts to the wealthy who could splurge on more trips to the French Riviera.

She needs to tell us why the new tax law had to be passed in such a hurry, without even one public congressional hearing; otherwise, many of us Mainers will lose confidence in her as a responsible voice against the insidious hyperbole of President Trump and Republican leaders.

Moreover, after she voted to add so much to the national debt, how can we be assured that she, fellow congressional Republicans and the president won’t, just as hurriedly, start looking to cut our Social Security and Medicare benefits to help pay the debt?

Gary Larkin

Old Orchard Beach

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