I am dismayed that our esteemed senators, Susan Collins and Angus King, canceled out each other’s very important vote on the Republican tax cut bill that recently passed in the Senate.

I – and, I suspect, many others – wonder if these two are effectively representing the same Maine constituency. I firmly believe that because our two senators do, in fact, represent the same Maine citizens, that on important “pocketbook” issues (e.g., taxes and spending), Sen. Collins and Sen. King should be voting on the same side. Otherwise, what good are they to us?

If they have initial disagreements on issues and are unable to work them out between themselves, I suggest a debate televised by a Maine broadcaster on those particular items. Have a public discussion between Collins and King, with a moderator present. Let them each state their case to us as to why they are taking opposite positions. After the debate, we could have an internet or text response to quantify for them what position the Maine citizenry believes is best for our state. Then they can vote their conscience, knowing where we, the real voters, stand.

Our senators each represent all of Maine, not a particular political group and not a certain region of our state. Let’s see some indication from our two senators that they know that they are supposed to be a team, working together for all of us!

Bruce Sherwin