I find your Mainer of the Year (Page A1, Dec. 31) a confusing concept.

Regarding Time magazine’s Person of the Year, it is clear that the person chosen is not necessarily a hero but very influential. Yet your 2017 winner, Sen. Susan Collins, is in stark contrast to your five finalists. Each of them had an inspiring story of selfless sacrifice and compassion. Your designation and story put Collins in a more positive light than her actions deserve. She does not compare well to the finalists.

Sen. Collins’ story is one of the game of politics played against her constituents. She appeared the heroic resister for a while, then folded in with the other millionaire senators to uphold corporate interests.

I agree that her acts were more influential, sadly, but they are not in the same class as those of the finalists: Jacquelyn Gill, Rob Gomez, Kevin Lewis, Travis Mills and Molly Neuner. If only these people were our elected representatives instead. I’d prefer their influence.

Valerie Razsa