There is one group of Republicans I would really like to hear speak out about Medicaid expansion. They comprise over a third of the Republican Party, according to the Public Religion Research Institute. They are the evangelical Christian right, and they are the neck that turns the head of the Republican Party.

Where are they on Medicaid expansion? They have enough clout to push the expansion and universal health care into existence in our country.

Many times, Jesus told us to care for one another. He never turned anyone away who asked to be healed. He even suffered and died for all of us. So why, then, would Christian Republicans go along with the idea that the expansion that helps the poor is too expensive?

In a democracy, taxation of wealth is a right and a responsibility, just as the ability to discharge one’s debts in bankruptcy and start over is a right. The poor and suffering people of our state have asked for our help, and 59 percent of our compassionate voters have passed a referendum to do exactly what Jesus told us we should do. I wish the evangelical Christian Republicans would stand with us.

Curtis Fordyce

South Portland

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