With kindness in short supply among many of our politicians on both the state and national levels, it’s worth noting that my husband and I were recipients of some Tuesday morning in North Deering.

I’d managed to back our car into a snowbank at the end of our driveway, and my husband could not budge it.

Along came a stranger, who stopped to help. They tried various means, but it was still stuck. Then a neighbor whom we’d never met stopped by. The three of them spent at least 45 minutes digging and pushing, and finally they were able to remove the car from the snowbank.

One man’s name is Dave. If he sees this, “Thank you again for expending so much time and energy to help us.” I intend to visit our neighbor to thank him once again.

It’s heartening to know that kindness abides and that what happened to us is not uncommon. As my husband likes to say, there are more of us (good folks) than there are of them.

Barbara Doughty