I urge Sen. Susan Collins to reject the nomination of Karen Budd-Falen to run the federal Bureau of Land Management. She is an anti-government, anti-environment ideologue and should not be at the helm of this important bureau.

Budd-Falen has represented rancher Cliven Bundy, the anti-government extremist who led an armed standoff on public lands. As a lawyer, Budd-Falen worked to reject the conservation of endangered species, lift protections on lands and undermine and sue BLM staff.

Is Congress insane? Is their goal to completely immobilize and undermine our government institutions? Voting for this nominee would prove that the two above facts are true.

We are watching Sen. Collins; her inability to stand up for what’s right is staggering. I have never in my adult life been more disappointed in any single politician. Has she lost her moral compass? Her common decency?

Sarah Mae Brown


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