I appreciate your publishing the Jan. 2 Village Soup article titled “Le-Page dashes off unhelpful response to student’s concerns about loss of net neutrality.”

The governor’s one-line, snide and rude response shows the true nature of his character or lack thereof. I don’t know what kind of student Hope Osgood is, but I can only surmise that she is a bright and motivated young lady. For her to be concerned about net neutrality and how it might affect her school studies, and to furthermore have the initiative to reach out to Gov. LePage with her concerns, demonstrates her awareness and maturity.

Hope deserved more of a response than the governor gave her. As chief executive of our state, he should have at the very least encouraged her and offered advice on how to handle issues like this, such as taking steps toward contacting congressional officials, etc.

The only piece of advice he offered her was the snarky admonition to “pick up a book and read!” Possibly, Gov. LePage’s advice on reading more books should also be directed toward our current president. Most of us are aware, however, that will not happen. The governor is much too busy flattering the president in hopes of a spot in Washington.

Dan Arseneault


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