As the fallout continues after our president’s latest foray into divisive politics, I keep hearing words like “unfortunate” and “inappropriate” to describe his disparaging remarks.

While this is true, I’d like to point out that Donald Trump’s words also carry real-world consequences. Right now we have between 5,000 and 6,000 troops in Africa “on any given day,” according to a spokesperson for the Pentagon’s Africa Command. Most of them are assisting African countries in fighting terrorism.

The president’s words have made their jobs more dangerous than they already were. The same goes for our embassy workers in these countries. So while his Republican cohorts look forward to “getting a more detailed explanation” of the remarks, there has been no talk of any consequences from that side of the aisle.

I ask you: Is this the kind of message that we should be sending to our kids? That putting people’s lives in danger is OK and carries no penalty? That there is no accountability for words and actions?

Please join me and call Sens. Susan Collins and Angus King, as well as either Rep. Chellie Pingree or Rep. Bruce Poliquin, and ask them to support censure for Mr. Trump.

Doug Mills

South Portland