The offensive and unprintable recent comments by our president in relation to immigrants from Africa, El Salvador and Haiti go totally against human decency and the tenets upon which our country was founded.

Civility in our actions and respect for all cultures are essential for a society to successfully function in today’s world. Because our leaders have an obligation to serve as positive role models, the acceptance of incendiary remarks about people from different countries simply cannot be tolerated.

If anyone has a suggestion of a building in Maine that is not being used and that could possibly be donated toward the establishment of a Rural Maine World Cultural Center, where countries are celebrated rather than disparaged, please consider contacting me ([email protected]) at the Unique Maine Farms project.

Over the years, hundreds of world folk tales, a multitude of ethnic cookbooks, 1,500 hand puppets and an assortment of educational materials that celebrate the music, cuisine, history and culture of all different countries have been collected with the purpose of having them be shared with Mainers.

This Rural Maine World Cultural Center is envisioned as a collaborative effort where everyone will be warmly welcomed and the contributions of individuals from every country will be valued.

Mary Quinn Doyle

West Newfield