The social needs of Maine citizens would best be served by immigration policies that strengthen the rule of law and maintain demographic stability. The current ructions over Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals are indicative of the social strife and disorder that occur when we allow people to violate our immigration laws. The situation is exacerbated when elected officials ignore enforcement to favor lawbreakers over the law-abiding. It starts a kind of lawless anarchy.

We are now treated to the spectacle of foreign trespassers disrupting and shutting down our government. The orderly processes enacted by the people’s representatives have been subverted and compromised to the point where the needs of Maine citizens are being ignored.

It is worth noting that the laws themselves are badly in need of reform. The visa lottery, chain migration and refugee resettlement have brought to the country huge numbers of unskilled, largely uneducated and mostly unassimilable people, many of whom are hostile to Western culture, a majority of whom require public assistance and some of whom engage in criminality and even terrorism.

It would be prudent to reduce the number of these people we allow to settle in our country. It would decrease social friction and improve community harmony if we had fewer people being brought into our towns, cities and villages. At this point, we have allowed in so many that a moratorium would be appropriate to allow some integration and assimilation.

Charles Day


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