I’m confused as to where Gov. Le-Page stands on the environment. Let me explain my dilemma.

Not too long ago, LePage was practically the only governor on the Eastern Seaboard who was in favor of oil exploration along the East Coast all the way from Florida to our pristine Gulf of Maine waters. He wasn’t concerned about the “natural beauty” along the Maine coast or even concerned about a multimillion-dollar fishing industry at that time. Even Chris Christie, the outgoing governor of New Jersey, was against this absurd proposal!

As of Jan. 25, according to the Portland Press Herald, Gov. LePage apparently now is concerned about our environment. In the front-page article dealing with new wind turbine projects, he stated that “we must act judiciously to protect our natural beauty.” Apparently, our beaches, rocky shoreline and quaint fishing villages up and down our coast don’t qualify!

I wish he would make up his mind about his stance on the environment. I guess he makes decisions like a weathervane chooses the direction it points. Since he wants more oil, the ocean environment takes a backseat. However, he’s against clean wind power, so he doesn’t want those dastardly wind proponents “to exploit our western mountains,” because we must “protect our natural beauty.”

The governor is the best weathervane I have ever seen. The bottom line is that he is not concerned about the environment of this great state. He just don’t have the nerve to come right out and say it.

Steven C. Pomelow