For a governor who is supposedly pro-business, Paul LePage is uncharacteristically quiet on the Federal Communications Commission’s recent repeal of net neutrality regulations.

Eliminating net neutrality rules so that broadband providers can block sites that do not pay them more for the privilege is just like asking those who drive on our highways to pay more for 24/7 access to our roads. That’s right! Imagine you had to pay $20 more per day to use our roads when you want to.

Broadband providers utilize taxpayer-funded infrastructure to generate their business just like all of us use roads to get to work, make deliveries or go to the beach. And, yet when the young lady from Camden Hills Regional High School, Hope Osgood, asked the governor a serious question about her concerns on changes in the FCC net neutrality rules, he responded with a flippant comment: “Pick up a book and read.”

The governor is either naive or ignorant about the need for all businesses in today’s economy to have efficient access to worldwide digital infrastructure. A truly pro-business governor would do what the governor of Montana just did with the stroke of a pen. Gov. Steve Bullock just signed a statewide net neutrality executive order, barring telecom companies from getting state contracts if they favor higher-paying companies or apps. He is sending a message to those who want to start businesses: “Montana is open for business” to everyone.

Tracy Floyd

Cape Elizabeth

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