Bill Gregory’s Jan. 20 Reflections column, “Simple questions can often shed light on intriguing truths,” raises a number of questions but also makes two statements that call for two additional simple questions.

He states, “I don’t believe that anything is absolute.” Is that statement itself not an absolute?

He relates the story of his son’s asking, “If God made everything, who made God?” and the father’s reply, “We believe God always was.” Understandably, the boy responded, “I can’t find that in my mind.”

Should not the question to that response be: Did you expect to?

None of us can find that in our minds because our minds are finite, while God is infinite. If we could understand him, he would not be God.

But thankfully, he has revealed what we need to know about him in the Bible so that we are able to know him not exhaustively but truly and satisfyingly and can enjoy fellowship with him and worship of him.

Anne MacDonald


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