STANDISH—The Scots played host to a trio of opponents on Saturday, Feb. 3: Westbrook/Gorham, Scarborough and Deering all dropped in for a quad meet. Every team wrestled every other team, making for an action-packed morning spread across two mats.

“For what we have for numbers,” Bonny Eagle head coach Greg Gonyea said, “the guys that wrestled did well. We’re missing four weight spots right now. We missed four all year, and a couple people didn’t show up today.”

“Colby Frost did a great job. He’s been solid all year,” Gonyea said. Amazingly, Frost has only lost one bout all season.

“Caleb Frost, senior Captain, has had a phenomenal year. Great day,” Gonyea went on. “Tyler Fitz had a run-in with (Jeremy) Sendrowski – but he’s had a good year. Brian Dupuis, our 220, is finally on-task, on-point – where he’s supposed to be. Focused on doing well. Our heavyweight (Alex Smith) struggled a little today, but he should be good to go in Regionals.”

All four teams will travel to the A South Regionals at Marshwood on Saturday the 10th. Gonyea expressed confidence in getting several boys through that tournament and on to States the following weekend.

“We’re hoping,” Gonyea said. “The [kids] we just went over should qualify. Garrett Gonyea, from Sacopee, hopefully should qualify, that wrestles with us.” Garrett Gonyea is Coach Gonyea’s son; he wrestles at 220, and competed in a couple exhibition battles during the course of the quad meet. Gonyea fell to Dupuis by pin at 3:26, but bested Mohammed Al Ahmed of Deering by pin at 1:41.

“Chris Rankin, our 113-pounder, hopefully will make it through,” Coach Gonyea continued. “So, hopefully, we send five, six.”

Ryan Hutchins, Deering head coach, was happy with his kids’ performance, despite the shortness of the Rams’ roster and the inexperience of most of the athletes on it: “Really, all but one of our guys who wrestled today is brand-new to the sport,” Hutchins said. “We’ve got one guy with previous experience, but he’s only a freshman. So everyone else, this was their first year of high-school experience.”

The Rams’ lineup featured six kids at the end of the 2017 season, three of whom were seniors and graduated in June, and a couple of whom ended up not going out for the team this winter. One wrestler did return, but he’s injured at present, and didn’t compete on Saturday.

“We have 10 overall right now,” Hutchins said. “A few have been out with injuries; it’s been a little bit of attrition throughout the season, so unfortunately we’re down to seven competing. But 10 on roster, and out of those 10, eight will be back for next year. We’re excited for that; it’s chance to rebuild…to bring the program back.”

Hutchins is Deering alum himself. Interestingly, he also formerly co-coached at Westbrook/Gorham. Naturally, the opportunity to match up against his old crew proved enjoyable. “It was kind of cool that it was the last [meet] of the year; we were keeping an eye on each other throughout the season. We were at the Westbrook Invitational tournament; there were a couple individual matchups, but this was the first team face-to-face.”

Hutchins took a moment to praise his entire squad. “I think really the whole team wrestled well today, even in some of our losses. We had wrestled very poorly against Scarborough on Wednesday, and we challenged [the kids] to come out with harder wrestling, better effort – and they did.”

Hutchins also had kind words for a few boys by name: “Davian Tali, at 152, lost by a decent score to the Scarborough kid on Wednesday, but came back and beat him today. Then our 113, Magnus Heisler, he’s a freshman, but he’s been wrestling for quite some time. Had a touch match against Nicco (Pappalardo, Westbrook/Gorham) – we knew that was going to be a battle. 13-10, which is about what I expected in that one, with their styles of wrestling. A pretty good chance they might see each other again next week. But Magnus has been having a great year, and even as a freshman has been a great leader. Bailey Eide – he’s been wrestling 170, 182 – he’s a sophomore, but he’s been a good leader as well. I’ve been happy with the effort; they’re working hard.”

Any individual matches not catalogued here were decided via forfeit.

Bonny Eagle 30, Westbrook/Gorham 42
106 – Colby Frost (Bonny Eagle), fall, Gabby Taylor (Westbrook/Gorham), :26
113 – Nicco Pappalardo (Westbrook/Gorham), fall, Chris Rankin (Bonny Eagle), 2:54
126 – Max Kimmel (Westbrook/Gorham), fall, Dustin Brewer (Bonny Eagle), 3:11
132 – Ryan Shackley (Westbrook/Gorham), fall, Anthony Mason (Bonny Eagle), 5:16

Bonny Eagle 30, Scarborough 49
126 – Isaac Parker (Scarborough), fall, Dustin Brewer (Bonny Eagle), 3:27
132 – Anthony Mason (Bonny Eagle), fall, Liam Marshall (Scarborough), 2:34
138 – Caleb Frost (Bonny Eagle), fall, Sam Leishman (Scarborough), 5:03
145 – Jeremy Sendrowski (Scarborough), dec, Tyler Fitz (Bonny Eagle), 10-0
285 – Lincoln Andrews (Scarborough), dec, Alex Smith (Bonny Eagle), 5-0

Bonny Eagle 42, Deering 21
113 – Colby Frost (Bonny Eagle), fall, Magnus Heisler (Deering), 2:26
120 – Mohammed Muhee (Deering), dec, Chris Rankin (Bonny Eagle), 7-2
152 – Tyler Fitz (Bonny Eagle), fall, Davion Tali (Deering), 1:02
220 – Brian Dupuis (Bonny Eagle), fall, Aidid Ahmed (Deering), 1:16

Westbrook/Gorham 12, Scarborough 66
120 – David Undlin (Scarborough), fall, Anthony Dugan (Westbrook/Gorham), 1:11
126 – Isaac Parker (Scarborough), fall, Max Kimmel (Westbrook/Gorham), 3:40
132 – Ryan Shackley (Westbrook/Gorham), fall, Liam Marshall (Scarborough), 1:09
152 – Jeremy Sendrowski (Scarborough), fall, Jared Grant (Westbrook/Gorham), 1:28
160 – Elijah Holbrook (Scarborough), fall, Henri Kuntz (Westbrook/Gorham), 5:42

Westbrook/Gorham 39, Deering 27
113 – Nicco Pappalardo (Westbrook/Gorham), dec, Magnus Heisler (Deering), 13-10
120 – Mohammed Muhee (Deering), fall, Marcus Lawson (Westbrook/Gorham), 5:10
152 – Davion Tali (Deering), dec, Beck Carrier (Westbrook/Gorham), 9-5
170 – Henri Kuntz (Westbrook/Gorham), fall, Bailey Eide (Deering), 3:23

Deering 21, Scarborough 52
120 – David Undlin (Scarborough), fall, Mohammed Muhee (Deering), :55
152 – Davion Tali (Deering), dec, Daniel Volan (Scarborough), 6-5
170 – Jarren Rogers (Scarborough), dec, Bailey Eide (Deering), 11-1
182 – Brillant Igaraneza (Deering), fall, Cameron Shofner (Scarborough), 1:11
195 – Aaron Kazilionis (Scarborough), fall, Aidid Ahmed (Deering), 2:26

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Scarborough’s Jeremy Sendrowski and Bonny Eagle’s Tyler Fitz scramble for an upper-hand.

Ram Mohammed Muhee and Blue Blaze Marcus Lawson grapple.

Bonny Eagler Caleb Frost and Red Stormer Sam Leishman clash.

Scarborough’s Elijah Holbrook would eventually pin Westbrook/Gorham’s Henri Kuntz.

Stormer Jarren Rogers defeated Ram Bailey Eide 11-1.