The Portland City Council voted unanimously to re-establish a task force looking for ways to honor civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr.

The seven-member task force is working toward renaming a street, park or some other public space in honor of King, who advocated for economic, racial and social justice through civil disobedience and nonviolent protest. King was assassinated on April 4, 1968. The task force was formed last March, after a proposal to rename Franklin Street in King’s honor proved unpopular. But the group, led by Councilor Pious Ali, failed to forward a recommendation to the council before Dec. 31 – the deadline for the group to disband – because of a lack of quorum.

Ali will continue to lead the group, which is comprised of the same members, minus two.

Sites being considered include the Amethyst Lot on the eastern waterfront, which the city plans to turn into a public park, Fort Sumner Park on Munjoy Hill and Congress Square Park.

The city has tried repeatedly to find a way to honor King over the last decade. A task force in 2008 recommended creating a park along the Bayside Trail and creating a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Center to host lectures and other community events.