We had a frightening experience recently while traveling southeast on Route 117 (Cape Road) in Hollis.

We were driving about three miles out from Route 202, going the speed limit of 45. My husband was driving.

I happened to look in my side view mirror and saw a tractor-trailer truck coming up very fast behind us. I told my husband, who said, “Where did he come from?” The truck followed so close behind us, I thought that if we had to stop, it would crush us.

As we got closer to the center of Hollis, where the speed limit is 35, my husband was so concerned that the truck was going to plow into us he turned on our car’s emergency flashers. With the snowbanks on the side of the road there was no safe place to pull over. The truck had to have been 10 feet or less behind us!

This is not the first time this has happened to us. A couple of years ago I was almost hit by a truck in a snowstorm. I called Poland Spring to report this. Their response was they didn’t care and wouldn’t do anything if it wasn’t one of their trucks.

In the same short three-mile stretch that we traveled on Route 117 that day, there have been at least three deaths and numerous rollovers. Maybe reducing the speed limit might help. Cars and trucks travel on this road as if it were the Maine Turnpike.

As far as I’m concerned Poland Spring has ruined the quality of life here in Hollis. The trucks are speeding and ruining our road safety. Something needs to be done. There should be more enforcement of the traffic laws. This is Maine NOT the way life should be!

Kathy Campbell